10 JUN 2014

Tourism Minister Helen Grant finds out what makes a successful apprentice

Friday 6th June 2014, Maidstone, Kent: Helen Grant MP is on a mission in her role as Tourism Minister to find ways of bringing more skilled people into the British Hospitality industry and reap the many benefits of the ongoing boom in the sector.

Apprenticeships are becoming more and more important in developing new recruits and McDonalds in Maidstone's Week Street has just awarded certificates to nine young people who have completed a two year course there.

Helen visited them all to present their certificates and find out more;

She said "McDonalds say they only pick applicants who show self-belief and a desire to achieve. This one branch of McDonalds is a multi-million pound business, so they need to find the right people for their ongoing success. Every one of the nine Apprentices said they felt so much more confident in themselves after the training, ready for almost any challenge. Four are already in management roles within McDonalds. Some others are going on to university and college. These could be the leaders, movers and shakers of tomorrow's hospitality industry. I wish them well, wherever their careers lead them, and in such a great industry that could be almost anywhere in the world, and at any level".

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