30 SEP 2014

Survey sparks Southern Water sewage campaign

MP, Borough Council Leader and Parish Councillors join forces to deal with debacle

Marden, Kent – 30th September 2014: A survey of 1500 people in the village of Marden in August 2014, by Helen Grant MP, produced a large response about local issues. One of the biggest concerns (65%) was the effect of newly planned homes on local infrastructure, and sewage waste management in particular. For some time the sewage systems have been beyond capacity and Southern Water have been forced to pump away the excess using specially adapted lorries.

As a result of the survey Marden Parish Councillors met with Helen in early September to discuss the issues that affect their village and form a plan to deal with them. Mrs Grant then met with Maidstone Borough Council leader Annabelle Blackmore on the Marden sewage issue and she has agreed to work together to seek an acceptable outcome.

Recent correspondence from Southern Water Customer Relations states they have identified a severe groundwater infiltration problem with the existing drainage but they are only prepared to offer a relining solution to the existing facilities and have refused to consider a longer term solution.

Helen said:

'With even more homes about to be linked into the drainage systems I believe Southern Water must put new proposals on the table for how they will deal with the increased volumes in the years to come. Lorry pumping and re-lining is simply not an acceptable way ahead. I have written to the Chief Executive requesting an urgent meeting with myself and a Borough and Parish Council delegation and I await a response within the coming 10 days'.

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