24 MAR 2017

'Mum's the Word'

Helen Grant MP paid a visit to the Princess Project in Week Street, Maidstone to learn more about the work it does to support new Mums across the town's community.

The project is sited at the United Reform Church, with a further base behind Christ Church in Park Wood, and provides a wide range of services to new Mums. It offers support to vulnerable women who are often unable to access some of the more traditional services and aims to address their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

During her visit, Helen met with Emma Tanner, the Chief Executive of the project. Emma gave Helen a tour of the facilities, introduced her to the volunteers and set out the services provided by the charity, which include: mentoring, parenting courses and coffee morning drop in sessions.

Mrs Grant joined one such session to chat with the young Mums who were attending the project. They explained to her the vital assistance the charity provides to them as they deal with the challenges and the excitement that comes with being a new Mum.

Helen said, 'It was a delight to spend some time with the wonderful staff and visitors at the Princess Project. It is a very important organisation, providing essential support to new Mums at a time of great excitement but also, for some, a time of upheaval and uncertainty. As a mother, I know how important it is to be able to meet supportive people who can completely relate to your situation, and offer help and advice. The good people of Maidstone have been extremely generous in donating equipment for the charity. However, the project is in need of further funding in order to be able to expand the service it provides by employing an extra part-time support worker.'

Emma Tanner said, 'It was great to welcome Helen to our Mum's Hub, tell her a bit about our work, and introduce her to some of the mums we support- they really appreciated her interest in them and their situations. Our aim at the Princess Project is to love and support vulnerable mums in our community, and make them feel valued and special, and their Member of Parliament chatting to them over a cup of coffee definitely helped them to feel that.'

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