04 NOV 2015

MP reveals Cranbrook survey results

Town gives overwhelming support for Community Hub plans


Maidstone & The Weald MP Helen Grant has revealed the results of her recent survey of Cranbrook Residents ahead of next week's planning committee meeting at Tunbridge Wells Borough Council in the fight for Cranbrook's new Community Hub.

The results were as follows;

538 (94.4%) were in favour of demolishing the existing buildings to enable redevelopment

18 (3.1%) were in favour of preserving the existing buildings

14 (2.5%) were undecided

Responses included an array of additional comments, the most common being that the existing site is an eyesore and that the town is presently dying and something must be done for its long term commercial sustainability.


One Hartley resident said "If this application is refused it will send out a message that Cranbrook is closed to change and closed to business".

Another from Oatfield Drive, Cranbrook said "Current appearance of Stone Street does not encourage people to shop in Cranbrook."

A former employee of the Engineering Site from Goddards Close said "The Cranbrook Engineering site is so badly hacked about since the 1960's that nothing historic that remains is in context".

One resident of Bakers Cross, Cranbrook said "Although I am a long standing National Trust member, the argument for preservation is just not compelling enough to block a much needed facility".

"I've known for years the strength of feeling about this situation but now we have it in writing. Such a huge majority must be heard by those who they elected to serve them. I am conveying this information to the planning committee urging them to approve this application for demolition and allow Cranbrook a chance to grow and thrive.

KCC and TWBC Cllr Seán Holden said "This survey by our MP, Helen Grant, shows that the people of Cranbrook think this development is absolutely the right thing for their town. It will enable us to get a much needed Community Hub and it will clear away a mess at the heart of one Kent's finest towns".

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