01 JUL 2016

MP goes back to school

Sissinghurst Primary School talk to Helen Grant after Brexit Vote

Helen with Headteacher Cathy Penfold and students Sasha and Mattin at Sissinghurst Primary School

At her first school engagement following the Brexit vote, Helen Grant MP spent over an hour with children at Sissinghurst Primary School answering their questions and talking about life as a Member of Parliament. Issues raised included dealing with litter on the streets and what the MP ate to be healthy and have energy.

When speaking of the visit Helen said:

"It is always a pleasure to visit my local schools and Sissinghurst Primary really is a wonderful example. I think I learn far more from the children than they do from me at these events. It can get quite political too. Young Jack asked my opinion about the 60 new houses that are to be built opposite the school; a highly contentious local issue.

Then the matter of Brexit came up where I had to explain the remain and leave campaigns, and how I voted. It garnered a fair bit of discussion with some very bright 7 year olds. Before leaving I suggested a visit to Westminster should be arranged through the Parliament Education Service. My thanks to Liz Macfarlane, teacher of Giraffe Class, for inviting me".

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