15 NOV 2016

MP backs new NotSpot research app

MP continues to fight for improved rural phone signals

Helen Grant MP is continuing her fight for reliable mobile phone signals in her constituency of Maidstone and the Weald, by calling on constituents to join a new research project.

Industry regulator Ofcom have produced a new mobile application, available free to all Android users, which is designed to collect key mobile performance data.

By downloading the Ofcom Mobile Research app, mobile users can join a nationwide panel of volunteers who will help gather valuable information about mobile coverage, reliability of voice calls, mobile broadband performance and users' experience and habits.

The anonymised data will then be collated to provide a regional-specific overview, enabling mobile customers to make purchasing and switching decisions. Crucially, the data will also be passed onto the mobile industry to help drive network performance improvements.

Helen said: "I am very pleased that Ofcom have taken this step. It is unacceptable in the twenty-first century that many areas of my constituency still do not have access to reliable mobile phone signals. That's why it is vital that we help to pin point the areas that require improvement.

I would urge as many of my constituents to get involved in this project as possible. It is essential that we hold the industry to account and highlight the areas that are still being failed by network providers"

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