15 MAR 2013

Helen Visits Tomorrow's People

Helen Grant MP, Member of Parliament for Maidstone, dropped in to visit the unemployment charity Tomorrow's People on Friday.

Tomorrow's People works to provide support to adults and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds with finding and keeping a job.  Ultimately, the overarching mission of the charity is to break the cycle of unemployment and dependency by improving long-term prospects of those who face the greatest barriers to work.

Tomorrow's People offer a range of services to help achieve their goals.  These can include: intensive, one to one support for individuals, wide-ranging work programmes, and in depth research into the causes of unemployment.

The charity's flagship programme, the 'Getting Families Ready For Work' project, was launched in Maidstone in April 2010. The project supports families from disadvantaged communities with complex needs and who are not working.  There has been a special focus on working with a core of workless families on a deprived estate in Maidstone.  The Tomorrow's People project helps these families move forward with their lives by building trust, encouraging re-engagement with the community, and providing access to the services that will help them on their journey from unemployment into work or training.

Speaking at the charity's offices in Maidstone, Helen Grant MP said:

"As a patron of Tomorrow's People, Maidstone Region, I know how important the work they undertake really is.  By retraining and equipping the long-term unemployed with the skills necessary to succeed in the modern economy, Tomorrow's People are giving people back their self esteem and self confidence.  By giving a helping hand to those from disadvantaged backgrounds, this charity is playing an integral role in efforts to achieve social mobility - An issue I care a great deal about".

Speaking about the Getting Families Ready for Work project, Baroness Stedman-Scott, Chief Executive of Tomorrow's People, said:

"Programmes designed to get people into work tend to focus on the individual, in isolation of the family, but our experience shows that this simply isn't effective for workless households. The answer lies in addressing the problem from a family perspective".

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