28 AUG 2013

Helen Meets Tuition Academy

Helen Grant MP, the Member of Parliament for Maidstone and The Weald, dropped in on Tuition Academy in Maidstone on Wednesday, and met with Academy Manager, Debbie Lewis, to hear about the services the Academy offers.

Originally established in Birmingham, Tuition Academy was created to support the academic needs of the local community. Having now been established in Maidstone, Tuition Academy offers tailored tutoring for a wide variety of people and age groups. Current courses provided include: basic English and Maths, Key Stage 3 tutoring, adult learning, and English language training, with the full spectrum of academic ability being catered for.

Tuition Academy Maidstone also plays an important role in community cohesion. Supporting Maidstone's Nepalese community, Tuition Academy serves as a hub for social gatherings and functions, whilst also helping to improve English language skills.  The Academy hopes to further strengthen its relationship with the Maidstone Nepalese Community Organisation.

Speaking from the Academy's office next to Maidstone East train station, Helen Grant said:

"It was lovely to meet Debbie and hear about the many wonderful courses offered to boost educational attainment in Maidstone.  It is often the case that for some children, a different approach is needed for their potential to be reached. I am delighted that there is a service that can help to provide this.

It was also wonderful to hear about the role that Tuition Academy plays in supporting the Nepalese community in Maidstone.  By providing educational support, and helping to develop English language skills, the Academy is playing an integral role in community cohesion and societal integration."

Debbie Lewis, academy manager, added:

"Tuition Academy had great pleasure in welcoming Helen Grant to visit their Maidstone Centre this week, and were happy to explain further our 'back to basics' teaching methods".

Helen's support and advice will no doubt prove to be invaluable in helping the centre evolve and become a valuable resource within the community".

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