22 OCT 2017

Helen Grant MP nominates local flood hero

Geraldine Brown now short listed for £10,000 national award

Maidstone & The Weald MP Helen Grant has nominated a constituent from Yalding for a National Award for her communitywork for local flooding over the past 16 years.

Geraldine Brown from Yalding heard the news last week that she has been shortlisted, with five other people, from a list of 140 nominations across the country.

Launched by the re-insurance organisation Flood Re, the 'Local Heroes' campaign is a nationwide search for individuals, communities and local flood action groups that have made a real difference to their local area, either in preparing for a flood event, or in taking action to help their friends and neighbours during a flood.

The national winner will be awarded a £10,000 fund to go towards their local community's flood preparedness efforts or a local flood relief charity of their choice. The award is being sponsored by Covéa Insurance and NFU Mutual.

Helen said 'There are many marvellous people in Maidstone & the Weald with whom I have worked closely in addressing our complex local flood management challenges. But there is one particular person who stands out for their contribution to this cause, over many years, and I had no hesitation in nominating Geraldine as soon as I heard about the Local Heroes competition.

It was very gratifying to learn that she is one of just 6 people who have been shortlisted for the award. That in itself is recognition of all the time and effort she has given her community, starting with the multiple floods of 2001, through to the severe flooding of Christmas 2013 and continuing right up to the present day.

I look forward to welcoming Geraldine to the House of Commons where the winner will be announced on the afternoon of Tuesday 28th November and I'll be keeping my fingers and toes crossed 'til then.'

Upon hearing the news of the shortlisting herself, Geraldine said 'Helen advised that she was nominating me for this competition back in the early summer and naturally I was very flattered by her decision. The next thing I heard was when I received a message to call Flood Re last Friday and I was totally taken aback to learn I'd reached the final six. They also reminded me about the £10,000 winning prize towards a local flood resilience scheme, which would be amazing for Yalding, but let's see. I am just delighted that this coverage will help keep my community in the spotlight whilst we continue to seek better, more robust long-term flood management solutions for the Middle Medway area'.

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