21 OCT 2016

Class is in session!

Helen Grant MP sits down for a Q&A with Mid Kent College students

Helen Grant, MP for Maidstone and The Weald, found herself back in class as she took part in a Q&A session with students from Mid Kent Colleges.

Students in attendance were all aspiring practitioners and service managers in the health and social care sector. As part of their courses, they are introduced to social policy and politics. They were therefore delighted to have the Maidstone and the Weald MP address them and learn more about political life. Mrs Grant spoke to the students about the role, responsibilities and hectic schedule of a busy MP.

As well as some in-depth questions on health and social care policy, Helen discussed various political topics with the audience including Brexit, the composition of our new Government and international affairs.

Head of Access and Adult Programmes, David Edwards, said: "It was a great experience for the students to question their MP and to understand more about what the role is. The students asked some really insightful questions on local health provision and the future of their vocational pathways and they were clearly impressed by the work that Helen and her team had done in preparing answers to their questions. They left feeling that politics can make a difference."

Mrs Grant said: "It was a real pleasure to sit down and discuss politics with the students. I thoroughly enjoyed this lively and engaging session, it is always one of my favourite activities as an MP. Thank you to the staff for inviting me."

Dr Julie Peet, Lecturer Health and Social Care HE and Access said: "This was a wonderfully enriching experience for our students studying politics for the first time. Our students enjoyed constructing questions and the opportunity to discuss issues relevant for their course with Helen and her team. They returned to their lessons buzzing with enthusiasm and continued to debate the issues raised. Helen's visit engendered an enthusiasm for politics and some are determined to follow up on offers of support in the future, or even consider a career in politics as a result of Helen's visit."

Helen regularly visits schools and colleges in her constituency giving students an insight into politics and policy-making from her perspective. As a result of this successful Q & A session at Mid Kent College, students have already enquired with Mrs Grant the prospect of shadowing Mrs Grant at her Westminster office.

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