12 FEB 2018

National Sikh War Memorial Campaign

Helen Grant MP shows support for Tan Dhesi MP's campaign

Helen Grant dropped by to extend her support for the National Sikh War Memorial campaign spearheaded by Labour MP, Tan Dhesi. The campaign for a National Sikh War Memorial in London, an Early Day Motion signed already by 266 MPs, is to commemorate the Sikh soldiers who exhibited extraordinary bravery and sacrifices in the service of Great Britain during both World Wars.

Sikh soldiers formed 20% of the British Indian Army during the First World War even though they were only 2% of the population of British India. Hundreds of thousands of Sikh soldiers saw active service during the two major wars as well as other major conflicts. More than 83,000 turbaned Sikh soldiers laid down their lives and more than 100,000 were injured during the World Wars.

Speaking on the campaign, Helen said: "Sikhs fought bravely in the British Army in two World Wars which made an indispensable contribution that deserves to be recognised and remembered by all of us. Erecting a monument in their honour in a prime central London location will be a fitting tribute to their sacrifice, courage and martial spirit."

Tan Dhesi MP said, "Memorials already exist in London for Soldiers from the Commonwealth, British India, Poland, African-Caribbean nations, and for the Gurkhas but none of a turbaned Sikh Soldier. For over a decade there has been a demand from various quarters for the installation of such a national monument in our capital city. It is clear that the memorial has cross party support and with the active support of the Government, Mayor of London and Parliamentarians from across the political spectrum we will in the very near future have a permanent national monument in a fitting central London location. It would have huge additional benefits for community cohesion and integration within our country, something which is very close to my heart."

Helen would also ask individuals to join nearly 30,000 others and pledge their support for the cause by signing the Change.org petition by Tan Dhesi MP that can be found here.

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