16 FEB 2018

MP Welcomes Extra Cash For Maidstone

Helen Grant, Member of Parliament for Maidstone and The Weald has today welcomed an announcement made by the Housing Minister Dominic Raab MP in relation to The Land Release Fund (LRF)

Mrs Grant was delighted to learn that Maidstone Borough Council have been awarded £658,000 further to their bid for land at Brunswick Street/Union Street, Maidstone.

The LRF was launched in August last year in line with the Government's efforts to build more homes in Britain. It is being administered through a partnership with the Local Government Association and the Cabinet Office's One Public Estate programme, which provides councils with funding and access to practical support to assist in delivering property-based projects with wider public sector partners.

The fund ensures that local councils can release some of their unused or surplus land for housing by using the money to combat barriers which would otherwise prevent these sites from being developed. Some of the successful bids will be using the cash to tackle issues such as asbestos removal or bat alleviation.

In his announcement today the Minister said: "We are investing £45 million to build roads and provide utilities, so councils can release the land to get up to 7,280 new homes built. It's part of our strategy to build the homes Britain needs, and carry local communities with us"

Speaking in relation to the announcement, Helen Grant MP said: "I am very pleased to see that Maidstone Borough Council have been successful in their bid. This land is in a prime location closely located to the town centre and is perfect for development. I look forward to supporting the Council in this project and I am excited to see the results."

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