22 FEB 2018

Helen Receives Constituency Tour With a Difference

An interactive map created by Citizens Advice that reveals the concerns of people in Maidstone and the Weald has been presented to Helen Grant MP.

Helen was taken on a ward-by-ward virtual tour of her constituency and shown the problems people living in the area are getting help for at Citizens Advice. The dashboards were presented to MPs at an event hosted by Citizens Advice in the House of Commons on Wednesday 21 February 2018.

They reveal Citizens Advice in Maidstone and the Weald helped 3493 in 2017 with a wide variety of issues including access to benefits, support with housing and advice on tackling debt. According to evidence from the charity, Citizens Advice helps to solve two in three people's problems and where problems cannot be fully resolved, they work with relevant local and national organisations to help sort out more systemic issues.

Citizens Advice in Maidstone and the Weald provides free confidential and impartial advice to people face to face and over the telephone. A national website provides advice online, over email and via web chat at www.citizensadvice.org.uk

Helen said: "Citizens Advice do fantastic work in Maidstone and the Weald to help people with a huge variety of important issues. They are exceptionally well-placed to identify the problems residents are facing and to find a solution.

The maps are illuminating and the data they contain provide strong evidence on which to act. I was not surprised by the issues which came out at the top of the list as this reflects the concerns which my constituents bring to me on a daily basis. I will certainly continue to work closely with Citizen's Advice and am always here to support my constituents in their time of need."

Citizens Advice Chief Executive Gillian Guy said: "It was great that Helen showed real interest in our interactive maps, which highlight the issues we see on the ground in Maidstone and the Weald.

The right advice and support can transform lives. Local Citizens Advice empower people to develop the skills and confidence they need to help themselves. It's important people can access free and impartial advice when they need it, whether face to face, over the phone or online. We're pleased to work with MPs to help them solve their constituents' problems."

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