I am grateful to my constituents who write to me regarding a wide variety of national issues. However, due to the volume of campaign-style emails that are now being generated it is difficult to respond to each of these personally in a timely fashion. I have therefore created this section on my website and I will be posting my responses to various subjects here.

My responses are organised here by subject depending on which Government Department they fall under. I shall endeavour to update the topics here as soon as I have had an opportunity to consult with Ministers and conduct research into the concerns raised in the emails received.

I will of course continue to respond personally to individual constituency casework enquiries via email and letter.

Helen's column

16 NOV 2017


Kent Messenger Column – 16-11-17  To lay a wreath at the annual Remembrance Sunday service in Maidstone is one of the great honours that I experience within my role as your MP. It is humbling to...

09 NOV 2017

Leeds-Langley relief road public meeting

Kent Messenger Column - 09-11-17  My neighbouring colleague Helen Whately and I held a public meeting in early 2016 at the Maidstone Studios to facilitate an open discussion about the Maidstone...

02 NOV 2017

Stay Warm this Winter

Kent Messenger Column – 02-11-17  There was certainly the feel of seasonal change in the air this week; as the clocks turned back, the nights drew in and the winter chill descended. As we know,...