Contemporary Conservatism and the Politics of Diversity (04 Apr 2018)

Read Helen Grant's views on how the Conservative party's attitude to race and diversity has changed over the 50 years since Enoch Powell's Birmingham (Rivers of Blood) speech in 1968.

Download (pdf, 136kb)

South East Dog Rescue Ball (30 Jan 2018)

Dowload details of the fab South East Dog Rescue Ball on Saturday 17th February at the Ashford International Hotel TN24 8UX.

The evening will provide much needed income to help some of the 100+ dogs that are rescued and rehomed by SEDR every year.

Download (pdf, 458kb)

The Medway Flood Partnership (01 Dec 2017)

Briefing on the Medway Flood Partnership

Download (pdf, 252kb)

Letter from Kent MPs regarding bus services (01 Dec 2017)

Download (pdf, 884kb)

Maidstone and The Weald Cancer Statistics (31 Jul 2017)

A profile of the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in West Kent.

Download (pdf, 560kb)

South East MPs Letter to Rail Minister (18 Jul 2017)

Click here to download a detailed six page letter to rail Minister Paul Maynard from twelve South East MPs. It sets out a list of demands covering all aspects of the franchise consultation, reflecting the huge level of concerns voiced by thousands of constituents in recent months.

Download (pdf, 1714kb)

Save Maidstone Barracks survey 23-01-17 (23 Jan 2017)

Download the survey regarding the closure of Maidstone's historic Invicta Park Barracks.

To sign the online petition click here.

Download (pdf, 460kb)

Transparency vital for equalities in Channel 4’s board appointments (01 Dec 2016)

Press release 01-12-16

Helen Grant MP: ‘Transparency over Channel 4’s board appointments vital in the equality agenda'

Download (pdf, 353kb)

Vodaphone CISS100 application form (01 Aug 2016)

Click hee to download Vodaphone's CISS100 application form to bring mobile coverage to an indoor community location in your area.

Download (pdf, 232kb)

Channel 4 apprenticeships 2016 (11 Jul 2016)

Download the Channel 4 leaflet oon their exciting 2016 Apprenticeship programme.


Download (pdf, 704kb)

EU Referendum - negative campaigning comment (09 Jun 2016)

Read Helen Grant's views on the negative campaign tactics and where to find good guidance on the EU referendum.

Download (pdf, 297kb)

Public Notice - EU Remain event (26 May 2016)

Download (pdf, 261kb)

F40 Petition for Fair Schools Funding (27 Oct 2015)

Download my petition for Fair Schools Funding in Maidstone & The Weald and get as many adult residents to sign it as you can before sending it to the national F40 campaign office in Westminster.

Download (pdf, 445kb)

F40 fair schools funding proposals (27 Oct 2015)

Download the F40 campaign's proposals for fairer schools funding.

Download (pdf, 120kb)

F40 letter to the Prime Minister (27 Oct 2015)

Dowload the letter sent to David Cameron by 111 cross party MPs seeking a fairer funding formula for our schools.

Download (pdf, 236kb)

Marden Widehurst Farm solar farm survey 21-10-15 (21 Oct 2015)

Download a copy of Helen Grant MP's survey and tell her if you agree or disagree with proposals for a solar farm  to be installed on 25 acres of farm land in Marden, Kent.

Download (pdf, 531kb)

Cranbrook Community Hub Survey (19 Oct 2015)

Download Helen Grant MP's letter and complete the survey to tell her your views about plans for the town centre.

Download (pdf, 453kb)

Maidstone Destination Management Plan July 2015 (07 Oct 2015)

This is a 3-year Destination Management Plan (DMP) for the Borough of Maidstone – town and countryside – developed over a 6-month period in 2015 and steered by a Project Group comprising senior officers and councillors from Maidstone Borough Council, Visit Kent, and representatives from tourism businesses.

It follows a destination planning template originated by VisitEngland and further developed by Blue Sail working with Visit Kent. It is a process that brings together the people in a place to agree a practical programme of actions.

Download (pdf, 1017kb)

BT Sport interview with Sports Minister Helen Grant (18 Mar 2015)

Exclusive: Sports Minister Helen Grant MP is determined to tackle 'the scourge of bigotry and discrimination'

Watch extracts of BT Sport's revealing interview with Sports Minister helen Grant MP and read the full interview here.

Download (pdf, 1844kb)

March 2015 Constituency update report from Helen Grant MP (13 Mar 2015)

See some of the recent work Helen and her team have been carrying out in Maidstone & The Weald.

Download (pdf, 2394kb)

'My Plan' magazine (03 Mar 2015)

My Plan magazine - some of Helen Grant's achievements over the last 5 years and some of her pledges for the next 5 if re-elected at the General Election.

Download (pdf, 1977kb)

February General Election Report (16 Feb 2015)

Download the Maidstone & The Weald Election Report with a review of some of the work your local MP has been undertaking in the constituency and some of her plans for the future.

Download (pdf, 4071kb)

Christmas Card competition 2014 (23 Dec 2014)

Download the winning design by 9 year old Chiamaka Mbadike from St Francis Catholic Primary School in Maidstone here, together with 4 highly commended entries.

Download (jpg, 1213kb)

Speeding Blackspots in the Weald (15 Dec 2014)

Download (jpg, 324kb)

The Fight for Fant Farm (01 Dec 2014)

Download Helen Grant MP's local resident's survey to give your views on the development of land at Fant Farm, Maidstone.

Download (pdf, 370kb)

Maidstone & the Weald Flood Management Multi Agency action plan 10-10-14 (30 Nov 2014)

Download the Nine Point multi-agency action plan that has been developed and implemented from February 2014 to the present day by Helen Grant's Flood Forum of 22 stakeholder organisations and individuals.

Recognised by DEFRA as a model for others to follow across the country, Helen's 'Partnership Working' has been a fundamental influence in supporting the Environment Agency's bid for major flood defence infrastructure projects in Maidstone & The Weald.  Increasing the capacity of the Leigh Barrier is one such project.

Download (pdf, 329kb)

Winter newsletter 2014 (25 Nov 2014)

Download news and information on Helen Grant MP's Winter Newsletter 2014

Download (pdf, 5219kb)

Southern Water response to sewage problems (17 Nov 2014)

The action plan agreed by Southern Water with Helen Grant to address the issue of sewage contamination in Marden and Staplehurst, and to plan for new infastructure for future housing needs.

Download (pdf, 548kb)

Waste Management in the Weald: 7-Point Action Plan (16 Nov 2014)

Download (pdf, 178kb)

Shadow Helen 2014 (17 Oct 2014)

Click on the links below to download the application form and guidance notes for the Shadow Helen 2014 competition. 

Thumbnail - Hannah Pontet and Leah Maclean - 2011 Shadow Helen winners

Candidate Application Form

Guidance Notes  

Download (, 0kb)

Autumn 2014 Newsletter (01 Sep 2014)

Helen Grant MP Autumn 2014 Constituency Newsletter

Download (pdf, 2655kb)

Cricket Fundraiser (23 Aug 2014)

Join Helen for lunch and cricket on Sunday 31st August 2014 at Mote Park, Maidstone 

Download (pdf, 806kb)

Pride - A hundred years on (07 Aug 2014)

Download (pdf, 178kb)

First World War Centenary - Kent's Tributes (01 Aug 2014)

Download (pdf, 181kb)

July 2014 Update (04 Jul 2014)

Download (pdf, 347kb)

May 2014 Update (22 May 2014)

Download (pdf, 283kb)

March 2014 Update (31 Mar 2014)

Download (pdf, 261kb)

February 2014 Update (14 Feb 2014)

Download (pdf, 614kb)

Dr Liam Fox MP Bistro Supper Menu (06 Jan 2014)

Download (pdf, 81kb)

Stonehenge at age 5 (23 Dec 2013)

Visiting Stonehenge in 1966, when you were still allowed to stand on the stones!

Download (jpg, 239kb)

Spring 2013 newsletter (08 May 2013)

Read Helen's constituency and parliamentary report for the Spring 2013.

Download (pdf, 3155kb)

Spring 2011 Newsletter (18 Apr 2011)

Helen's Spring 2011 Newsletter

Download (pdf, 1755kb)

July 2010 communiqué (31 Jul 2010)

Helen's July 2010 communiqué

Download (pdf, 290kb)

June 2010 communiqué (01 Jun 2010)

Helen's June 2010 communiqué

Download (pdf, 268kb)

February 2010 newsletter (01 Feb 2010)

Helen's Feburary 2010 newsletter

Download (pdf, 1421kb)

January 2010 newsletter (01 Jan 2010)

Helen's January 2010 newsletter

Download (pdf, 2085kb)

October 2009 newsletter (01 Oct 2009)

Helen's October 2009 newsletter

Download (pdf, 1529kb)

May 2009 newsletter (01 May 2009)

Helen's May 2009 newsletter

Download (pdf, 2718kb)

January 2009 newsletter (01 Jan 2009)

Helen's January 2009 newsletter

Download (pdf, 1150kb)

September 2008 newsletter (01 Sep 2008)

Helen's September 2008 newsletter

Download (pdf, 788kb)

Helen Grant MP flood management letter to constituents 10-12-15 (10 Dec 2015)

Download (pdf, 237kb)

Your Flood Warning Service (10 Dec 2015)

Your Flood Warning Service: How the warning service works, how warnings are issued and what each level of warning means.

Download (pdf, 1484kb)

Sandbagging (10 Dec 2015)

Sandbags: Environment Agency guidance on how to use them properly for flood protection.

Download (pdf, 269kb)

Personal Flood Plan (10 Dec 2015)

The Government template for householder flood planning - updated on 16th May 2014

Download (pdf, 67kb)

Flooding: Minimising the Risk (10 Dec 2015)

Environment Agency flood plan guidance for communities and groups – practical advice to help create a local flood plan.

Download (pdf, 677kb)

What to do before, during and after a flood (10 Dec 2015)

Environment Agency practical advice on what to do to protect yourself and your property.

Download (pdf, 875kb)

EA Newsletter No.2 December 2015 (10 Dec 2015)

Download (pdf, 181kb)

EA Newsletter No.1 June 2015 (10 Dec 2015)

Download (pdf, 384kb)

Yalding and Laddingford Flood Wardens - Contact list (10 Dec 2015)

Download (pdf, 80kb)

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