08 NOV 2018

Parliament Week

For our democracy to thrive, our Parliament must be relevant, open and accessible, and UK Parliament Week is aimed squarely at achieving those goals.

Parliament Week is a series of events designed to inspire interest and engagement in parliament, politics and democracy, particularly within younger people, and has taken place annually since 2011.

I support the initiative 100 percent, this year commencing on Monday 12th November and locally I am very much looking forward to partaking in a 'Votes at 16' debate at Maidstone Town Hall on Thursday 16th November. I hope many of you, from all age groups, will join us for what is sure to be a very lively discussion.

For me however, and for many of my colleagues in Parliament and in local government, seeking public engagement in our precious democracy is a ubiquitous occupation. Parliament Week is an important and useful aspect of that challenge, but it lasts just for one week and we need more constant and persistent attention to the issue if we are to rectify our democratic deficit.

In my role as a Member of Parliament and as Conservative Vice Chairman for Communities, I am profoundly aware of the need to do more to encourage communities from across the UK to engage; ensuring something as simple as being registered to vote is just one of many challenges. Very sad considering how hard so many fight, and die, elsewhere in the world for that basic right.

I am forever open to take the lead from you, my Constituents, about how Parliament can become more accessible. If you have any thoughts then please get in touch with me at helen.grant.mp@parliament.uk. No idea is too ambitious, and I will share the best suggestions with the Parliamentary authorities.

More information on how you can participate in Parliament week is available here: https://www.ukparliamentweek.org/about/. Please do take a look.

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