07 SEP 2017

Anyone for Fundraising?

Kent Messenger Column 07-09-17

The ingredients for a good fundraising event are not complicated but you sometimes need a bit of good fortune for the recipe to come together at the designated moment; a lovely venue, some good volunteers, a genuine cause, decent weather and a bit of promotional zing to get folks through the turnstiles.

The Grange in Marden has 40 acres of wonderful grounds with formal gardens, orchards, meadows and even its own cricket pitch. The weather held out, the volunteers manned the serveries and the visitors came. £12.50 for a sumptuous cream tea, a bit of a chat and a wander through the idyllic estate was a more than equitable exchange, with £620 going to charity.

Grange owners Debbie and Jonathan Fenn are well versed in supporting local causes and this year they opened their gates to raise funds for the Children's Society. There can be few better missions than to fight child poverty and neglect, and help all children have a better chance in life.

To put a local flavour on this, of the 23,110 children in my constituency of Maidstone & The Weald it is estimated that 1,500 have a clinically diagnosed mental health problem, just under 2,000 are known to children's services in Kent because of abuse and neglect, over 1,200 sexual offences were committed against them in 2015-16, and around 3,200 live in families with problem debt.

More committee members are needed to help with all of these issues and if you feel you have something to offer please contact local relationship manager Jonathan Mann on 020 7841 4502; email jonathan.mann@childrenssociety.org.uk

On a broader point, if you have a venue that might lend itself to a fundraiser please get in touch. You might have a cause close to your heart or perhaps you are open to suggestions. Either way I can help connect you with the right people and together we can make a difference. Email helen.grant.mp@parliament.uk

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