Statement regarding the EU Referendum

I am disappointed with the result but what is done is done. We must now work together to preserve the unity of the United Kingdom and protect our economy whilst we navigate a new course in an uncertain world.

David Cameron has been courageous and brave in giving the country this choice. He is a man of the utmost integrity and sincerity and he has been an outstanding leader, taking us out of the recession and into a strong economy. His resignation announcement today is a sad moment in the career of a person I admire hugely. He will be a very tough act to follow.

Personally, my focus remains squarely upon serving the people of Maidstone & The Weald and looking after their best interests. There is much to do now that the referendum is over.

In Memory of Jo Cox MP - 17-06-16

I heard the dreadful news that Jo had died on the radio yesterday afternoon when I was on the way to an Amnesty International event in Maidstone High Street.

To be honest I am still in shock and this will take some time to come to terms with.

I didn't know her well but on the occasions we were together she shone as a very bright light, with a rare warmth and energy.

Only last week we were both together as members of the Women's House of Commons tug of war team, raising funds for Macmillan. There she was at the front of the rope leading the fight.

We have lost a powerful advocate for many of the things that I hold dear – championing equality and diversity, exposing bigotry and racism, combatting hatred and promoting social cohesion.

I will continue to fight for those causes fortified by the memory of Jo and her tragic death.

 The Leadership Election - 08-07-16

David Cameron's early resignation announcement was regrettable but understandable after losing the referendum, and so we now seek a new leader.

I will be voting for the Home Secretary, Theresa May. Her campaign launch speech was outstanding with a plan and a vision of how to take our country forward. She is professional, she has a long and proven track record in high office and she commands the respect of the Parliamentary Party along with much of the wider membership.

As a 'remain' supporter her commitment to lead us out of the EU has been questioned by the 'leave' candidates. She has countered this with a pledge to hand the job of Secretary of State for Brexit to an MP from the 'Leave' campaign.

There have also been calls for the new PM to call a snap election in order to give him, or her, a mandate to lead the country out of Europe, but I believe that mandate already exists; the Conservative Party was elected for five years in 2015 on the strength of a manifesto that Theresa May has pledged to continue to deliver. She also rightly points out that the effect of yet another national election would add unnecessary and unjustifiable strain and uncertainty to our economy.

There are legal and procedural barriers too; the Fixed Term Parliament Act has ended a Prime Minister's right to call an early general election. This now requires a majority vote of two-thirds of all MPs (unlikely), or the new government to pass a constructive vote of no confidence in itself (bizarre and unlikely), or a repeal of the Act (time consuming and replaced with what?).

Ultimately the vote for our next PM will fall to the Conservative grassroots and I am sure our local members in Maidstone & The Weald will choose wisely.


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